Global Investment Properties


Rigan Patel, having worked with clients large and small from all over the world.


Branding, Consulting, Research, Web Design and Development

Building on the success of a multi-generational investment business, a local entrepreneur made a decision to expand his reach into the digital space to sell and rent properties to customers throughout the country.

When sales failed to meet initial expectations, Rigan Patel turned to Norght in search of strategic counsel to help their fledgling brand flourish online.

How we delivered

Leading up to the launch of the new site, we used social media to pique interest and to communicate the upcoming changes to the brand. When the new site was unveiled, we maximized our reach online by augmenting traditional marketing efforts with strategic online advertising to drive customers to the site, leveraging specific plants that were popular and in-season.

As a result of the branding and website overhaul, Global Investment Properties has matured into a successful online entity. The website has received many appreciation and accolades and is now positioned among the top companies within their industry.

The Results

Within a couple of months after re-launch, the Global Investment Properties website got a 27% increment in online bookings (we compared same month data from the previous year) and had dramatically reduced inbound calls for services by processing online requests.

The company continues to flourish with a unique footprint in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Using brand material that reinforces the exceptional quality of the title yacht service, Global Investment Properties is just beginning its journey.

"Norght team member are a really great and skilled webmasters. Available on short notice and reliable. We closed the contract because we lack tasks for him at this time. but sure enough, we will hire them again as soon as our projects will be requiring their skills."

- Rigan Patel, Co-founder