Hoop Ring


Wrickle Apps, Gujarat, IN.


Branding, Gameplay, UX/UI, Marketing, Game development with Unity

Wrickle has a strategy for the game and we had a solution to implement it into real-time Hoop Ring Game.

Wrickle team wanted to create something that will be reminiscent of childhood. We together came up with this great idea which refreshes memory with water toy we all played within our childhood. The management team of Wrickle turned to Norght to make a deal on this project and we all started this beautiful journey together.

How we delivered

We were very clear on the requirement for this project! Because we all played this water ring game and we by the way expertise on it. Our first goal was to how to make some good-looking UI which will by first site user like. So, we decided not to create only one but multiple themes for the game, and believe us it worked very well!

As a result of the UI/UX and game development overhaul, Hoop Ring has matured into a successful online entity. The game has received many downloads and accolades and is now positioned among the top games within their category.

The Results

Within a couple of months after launch, the Hoop Ring game got thousands of downloads on the market and had dramatically increment on the review.

The company continues to flourish with a different game from us and also had a good impression on the market now.

"It is the second time I am ordering a project from Norght team and more then happy with the results. Kaushik again showed professionalism, great skills and cooperation. Highly recommended if you want to have a five star experience! Thank you Kaushik & Norght!"

- Parth, Wrickle Apps