Palm Beer IoT App


Leonardo at Palm Beer, Beer making brand with franchise around the globe with outstanding beers!


IOT Based Mobile Application, Branding, Consulting, Research, Machine learning

Palm Beer is a beer brand located in Brazil, this franchise decides to automate its process of making beer.  The manual process required too many steps to explain each franchise and they have to appoint a respected person for making their tasty beer.

When the manual process getting complex and lengthy Palm Beer contacted Norght Team for automating this machine process using the mobile application.

How we delivered

The making of beer is not a simple process! First of all, we will need to arrange a machine that duplicates this process. Later IoT system was embedded into this machine and we made coffee! Major work was done here, then we started developing the application part it was an enjoyable journey for us.

As a result of this application, this machine started operated through the mobile application. This mobile application divides the entire process into the step-by-step recipes and it continuously communicates with the current progress and makes changes accordingly.

The Results

Within a couple of months after launch, the Palm Beer got a noticeable increment into the production. This application makes human work easy and reduce mistakes taken by human hands.

The brand now focus on working of new recipe/ new beers for their customer more. The company continues to flourish with a unique footprint in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Using brand new Application that reinforce the exceptional quality of the service, Palm Beer is just beginning its journey.

"It was great working with Norght Team! Well done! They're very professional, the communication was easy, very helpful and willing to do extra work, which is really much appreciated. At beginning we believe this automation of entire beer making process will not gonna make it, though this team did it and they did it very well. Thank you!"

- Leonardo, Owner of Palm Beer