Spell Buzzing


Greg Michaels, Samprov, San Francisco, US.


Branding, Consulting, Photography, Marketing, Game development with Unity

Greg has a strategy for the game and we had solution to implement it into real time Spell Buzzing Game.

They have searched for the different game providers, Finally Greg Michaels turned to Norght to make a deal on this project and we all started this beautiful journey together.

How we delivered

Leading up to the development of the game development, first, we have divided Greg's requirements and vision onto the sketch and create a simple draft for the game. Later finishing graphics work we decided to create the first draft, we all played well to find out drawbacks and loopholes in the game. We worked on optimizing the game and make it as good as possible.

As a result of the branding and game development overhaul, Spell Buzzing has matured into a successful online entity. The game has received many downloads and accolades and is now positioned among the top games within their category.

The Results

Within a couple of months after launch, the Spell Buzzing game got a 10K download on the market and had dramatically increment on the review.

The company continues to flourish with a unique footprint in an otherwise crowded marketplace. Using brand material that reinforces the exceptional quality of the title service, Spell Buzzing is just beginning its journey.

"This is the 3rd or 4th project that we have worked with Norght team on and we have a couple more in the pipeline. Their responsive communication is great and the quality of there work is improving with each project."

- Greg Michaels, General Manager